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Internet of Things

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Unique features of IOT



In the case of IoT, the most important feature one can consider is connectivity. Without seamless communication among the interrelated components of the IoT ecosystems (i.e sensors, compute engines, data hubs, etc.) it is not possible to execute any proper business use case. IoT devices can be connected over Radio waves, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, etc.

#2Dynamic Nature

For any IoT use case, the first and foremost step is to collecting and converting data in such a way that means business decisions can be made out of it. In this whole process, various components of IoT need to change their state dynamically.

#3Active Engagements

IoT device connects various products, cross-platform technologies and services work together by establishing an active engagement between them. In general, we use cloud computing in blockchain to establish active engagements among IoT components.


In almost every IoT use cases in today’s world, the data is used to make important business insights and drive important business decisions.

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